2021 Awaken The Healer Within Summit

Wholesome Living 21-Day Course

Nathan Crane

The Wholesome Living Course is a 21 day online video course completed with a 15 page workbook to help you create a wholesome, healthy, vibrant and vital life. In this course you will learn 21 uplifting health and lifestyle strategies that will transform your life from lack of energy and purpose to a life filled with passion, creativity, vitality, productivity and energy. 

Value Of $297

Autoimmune Enneagram Course

Dr. Keesha Ewers

The Autoimmune Enneagram is a program designed to help you accelerate your self-awareness, to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and habits, to create a healthy relationship to your body, food, other people, and to life. It’s a beautiful doorway into you and a journey of self-discovery and healing of trauma.

Value Of $197

2020 Food Revolution Summit

Ocean Robbins

Bestselling author John Robbins interviews 24 of the top food experts on the planet, revealing the latest insights and breakthroughs to help you heal your body and your world — with food! Get unlimited access with all the expert Interviews PLUS Transcripts and Checklists and $2,000+ worth of bonuses.

Value Of $197

Immune Resiliency Summit

Jason Prall

You’ll receive instant, FREE, on-demand access to the entire Immune Resiliency Summit. Your digital library includes video interviews, transcripts, and MP3s of 25 trusted experts teaching you how to naturally build a more well-regulated, balanced, and adaptable immune system that will provide you with greater resilience no matter what.

Value Of $197

Gut Health Roundtable Presentations

Jason Prall

Optimizing gut function is one of the most direct paths to improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These presentations give you exclusive access to clinical training and slides that are normally only made available to credentialed functional health practitioners and doctors. The 8 experts were hand-picked to deliver content that gives you AGENCY so that you may walk an entirely new path on your health journey. 

Value Of $197

Your Best Years Start Now Summit

Brian Vaszily

In the landmark Summit, Your Best Years Start Now, natural health advocate Brian Vaszily gathered 21 of today’s top longevity and anti-aging doctors and researchers and asked them to share their most cutting-edge wisdom. And now, you can catch it all instantly, on-demand. You’ll discover critical secrets to combat and avoid disease, enjoy your youngest skin, and experience peak brainpower, energy, and moods at every stage of life. In this bonus package, you’ll get the complete digital recordings and written transcripts of all 21 interviews.

Value Of $197

28-Day Ayurveda Challenge

Dr. John Douillard

The Ayurveda Challenge is a 28-day self-directed online course that you do each day, at your own convenience. It is like having a month-long private workshop with Dr. John Douillard that you can easily do from home. Need to skip a day? No problem. Go at your own pace. By the end of the Ayurveda Challenge, you will effortlessly integrate a 20-30 minute daily routine that is simple, enjoyable, and powerful!

Value Of $177

Stronger Vagus Nerve In 4 Weeks

Dr. Eva Detko

Your vagus nerve is the part of the nervous system responsible for the parasympathetic control of the majority of your internal organs. It’s responsible for things like digestion, detoxification, and putting the brakes on chronic inflammation. Healing is only possible when your ventral vagus nerve is activated. Learn how to improve your vagal tone and enjoy a more robust immune system, healthier gut, sharper brain, and more energy!

Value Of $147

8 Integrative Healing Webinars

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

In these 8 webinars, you’ll learn why it’s important to heal your mind and body TOGETHER and how to heal your gut and liver more completely. Dr. Ameet Aggarwal shows you how to use naturopathic medicine, psychotherapy, and family constellations therapy to help address anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, pain, and obesity!

Value Of $99

Ultimate Gut Repair Blueprint

Jason Prall

In this comprehensive report from The Human Longevity Project, you’ll discover the latest diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocols recommended by top experts in functional and integrative medicine based on cutting-edge research related to the human microbiome. No fluff…this e-book is packed full of practical solutions designed to help you rebuild your gut, give you more energy, reduce pain, improve your mood, and accelerate healing!

Value Of $49

Cancer-Free Recipe Guide

Nathan Crane

This science-based recipe guide is filled with 25 delicious and nutrient dense plant-based anti-cancer recipes to help protect your body against cancer and allow your body to heal and thrive. 

Ayurvedic Guide to Living in Nature's Rhythms

Dr. John Douillard

Understanding when to eat, exercise, sleep, rest, and perform your self-care routine is critical for getting the most out of your efforts. This amazing 77-page e-book from Dr. John Douillard is loaded with practical tips and tools to align yourself with the natural cycles of the day and with the seasons. 

Activate The Healer Within Meditation

Dr. Sue Morter

In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to feel afraid and frightened. Remember the Truth of who you are. This meditation from Dr. Sue Morter will help you ground, integrate and activate the healing presence within you. aIt was specifically created for these times to help you re-activate your innate creative essence and remind you of the Truth of who you are. You are a Powerful Creator. You are a Healer.

Gratitude Journal & Messages From Spirit

Bobbi Vogel

Embodied Gratitude + Compassion for SELF has the power to shift your whole life on a dime. YOU ARE PURE POWER: Move towards self love and compassion. LEAD WITH LOVE: BE continually Inspired – be heart centered – choose kindness towards self + gratitude for your strength. LEAN IN ON SPIRIT: Daily channeled messages to start your day – IN THE NOW!

5 Lab Tests Your Doctor Isn't Ordering

Dr. Kelly Brogan

Did you know that mental illness diagnoses can be completely reversed? Learn the top tests to order today. If you’re struggling with issues related to mood, brain fog, memory, or energy, these 5 tests will help you and your doctor properly assess what’s going on.

Vagus Nerve Summit: 10 PDF Transcripts

Dr. Eva Detko

Included are 10 PDF transcripts from the Mind-Body & Vagus Nerve Connection Summit. Take your healing to the next level when you learn how to restore nervous system balance with both physical and mind-based approaches shown to strengthen the vagus nerve, which plays a key role in improving mental and physical health.

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