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This summit is for those looking to resolve physical ailments, lose excess weight, avoid cancer or brain degeneration, improve depression, resolve childhood trauma…and for those focused on improving their personal relationships, creating a greater sense of ease, and stepping into their purpose.

A common pain point we ALL share is the feeling of being stuck in some aspect of our life and unsure how to break free.

The sticking point for many is mental, emotional, or physical dis-ease. Whether the struggle is with diabetes, chronic pain, digestive issues, depression, or addiction, there exists maladaptive patterns of thought, belief, emotion, and behavior that prevent full resolution and ultimate healing. Perhaps not surprisingly, these maladaptive patterns also tend to create friction in relationships and lead to feelings of insecurity, disconnection, or low self worth.

Awaken The Healer Within is about living from the heart, in true alignment. It’s about finally getting unstuck and moving through the barriers that have been holding you back from living the life you were meant to live — healthy, happy, and with greater presence.

Jason Prall, creator and host of The Human Longevity Project film series, has interviewed some of the most influential thought leaders and heart-centered wisdom keepers from around the globe. 

These experts know what holds people back from a life of health, harmony, and purpose…and in this summit, they provide practical solutions to help your audience recognize the value of investing in their health and personal growth.

2021 Launch Schedule


Given our historic launch success with The Human Longevity Project, we are very confident this event will perform extremely well with your audience and also be a fantastic revenue generator for you!


We will be announcing official contest prizes in the coming weeks

Our main opt-in leaderboard contest will run from September 29 – November 1

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Marci Shimoff

Highly sought-after transformational leader

Dr. John Douillard

Leading Ayurvedic health & wellness educator

Zach Bush, M.D.

World-renowned thought leader on biodiversity & living systems

Dr. Sue Morter

International educator of bioenergetic medicine

Kelly Brogan, M.D.

Holistic Psychiatrist
& acclaimed author

Sonia Ricotti

Author & Leading Expert in Personal Transformation

Paul Chek

Foremost expert in holistic health & spiritual growth

Craig Hamilton

World-renowned meditation
& awakening teacher

Pedram Shojai

Former monk & Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Samantha Skelly

Visionary breath work teacher & expert on disordered eating

Sayer Ji

Acclaimed health researcher
& founder of GreenMedInfo

Dr. Keesha Ewers

Expert in trauma resolution and autoimmune disorders

Jonathan Landsman

Global leader and educator on natural health and healing

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Top Naturopathic Doctor & trauma specialist

Shivan Sarna

Expert on SIBO &
lymphatic drainage

Dr. Dan Engle

Expert in peak performance medicine & psychedelic therapy

Sneha Raichada

Renowned Ayurvedic
clinician & instructor

Master Mingtong Gu

Qigong Master & founder
of the Chi Center

Felicia Gualda

Gifted intuitive guide and attachment therapy specialist

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Indigenous Andean Healer & Peruvian Spiritual Leader

Drew Canole

Wellness entrepreneur &
motivational coach

Dr. Eva Detko

Trauma expert & vagus
nerve specialist

Andrew Degregorio

Sought-after intuitive counselor & spiritual alignment coach

Stacy McCarthy

National award-winning
yoga instructor

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Internationally recognized
expert on gut & immune function

Nathan Crane

Award-winning natural
health researcher

Ari Whitten

Renowned energy &
fatigue specialist

Alex Howard

Integrative therapy coach
& trauma specialist

Tom McCarthy

Leadership, Performance, & Business Success Coach

Peter Cummings

Innovator of Adult
Attachment Repair Model

Guy Ferdman

Top personal & spiritual development coach

Josh Trent

Breath work coach & host of Wellness Force Radio

Bobbi Vogel

Founder, Etheric Medicine™️ LLC

Paul Barattiero

Pioneer & leader in the health
benefits of hydrogen water

What do the experts cover

Meet Your Team

Jason Prall

Creator & Host

Jenny Scholl

Project Manager

Devin Janzen

Technical Support & Marketing

Jackie Rey

Affiliate Manager

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